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The 変化 HENKA™ Methodology gets its name from the Japanese word Henka (変化) meaning change and transformation.


All companies are experiencing change and transformation, stress levels are higher and information is increasing. 変化 HENKA™ Methodology takes inspiration from NLP, Neuroplasticity and Hypnotherapy. The methodology has specifically been developed for corporations and is an ideal methodology for working with Leadership Teams and Executive Boards. The methodology has also been used extensively to help with complex organisational integrations.


The 変化 HENKA™ Methodology is agile in nature and particularly effective when dealing with complexity and ambiguity that is often part of 21st Century organizational systems.


We know that the brain can rewire itself. Scientists have proven that the neural pathways in the brain are able to change. This is how we get better at doing things when we repeat them over and over again.


Research suggests that the way we feel about the things we do, is the key to unlocking the essential neurochemicals that trigger these changes in the brain. Humans need to feel dynamic, interested and engaged – motivated in our learning or in that which we want to achieve. Imagine being in control of a switch in your head – if you are disinterested, distracted or otherwise lacking concentration, then this switch will stay in the off position (disengagement).

People can change and do not have to be stuck in negative thinking patterns or habits. 変化 HENKA™ Methodology works subtly at changing neural pathways creating positive energy in the workplace, increased engagement, reduced sickness and therefore an improved bottom line.

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