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At WELLBUSINESS™ we like to keep things simple, yet robust.

The WELLBUSINESS™ accreditation methodology (契約 Keiyaku – meaning agreement in Japanese) uses a pragmatic business approach which incorporates an in-depth analysis of organizational health by achieving organizational agreement between leadership and employees.


An evidence-based survey tool is used to evaluate the leadership perception of organizational health on the one hand and the employee perception on the other. Both results will be compared and the median calculated. To become an accredited organisation the score for both Leadership and Employees need to reach agreement level which is defined based on framework. 


The framework is based on these 10 sustainability areas:


  1. Organisational goals and structure

  2. Leadership

  3. Communication

  4. Innovation

  5. Talent Management

  6. Performance Management

  7. Diversity

  8. Social Support

  9. Health & Safety

  10. Knowledge Management


Areas 1 through 7 are core accredited WOP’s (WELLBUSINESS™ organisational practices) and 8-10 are discretionary WOP’s. These areas are being constantly researched and  can be subject to change based on market changes and requirements.

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