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The WELLBUSINESS™ accreditation methodology includes a health check in addition to 契約 Keiyaku™ Agreement Model. The health check is a self-assessment based on the 10 areas of the wellbusiness framework including an assessment of a sound risk culture.

To keep it simple, the assessment can be conducted by the applying organisation using internal resources. This reduces costs for the company and provides self-reflection for the organisation.

The health check includes some of the follow questions:

  • Does your organisation have a risk framework in place, which includes capturing of risk events?

  • Do all your employees undertake mandatory conduct risk training?

  • Does your organisation have a customer value proposition in place?

  • Does your organisation have a diversity policy in place / diversity champions?


The health check consists of core accredited WOP’s (WELLBUSINESS™ organisational practices) and discretionary WOP’s. These areas are being constantly research.

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